The Great Outdoors Put Into Writing

Where my inspiration to write came from. 

Since my teen years, articulating myself through writing has been a pleasant medium for expression. Then in my later adult years, while updating my family and friends through email about my hikes, the sightings and encounters, I was encouraged to write a book and share my unique, some life threatening, and others quite illuminating, yet all equally thrilling adventures. Throw-in some valuable life lessons that can apply to any age, gender, or circumstance, and a one-size-fits-most enjoyable read is born.

Since I have had so many encounters and fantastic experiences on trail and as I progressed in my hiking skills and training, I have made Wilderness Training a progressive trilogy. The Wilderness trilogy includes Wilderness Training the Novice, Wilderness Training the Intermediate and Wilderness Training the Advanced.

The third Summit in 2011

I am currently working on book three, the Advanced, with even two more possible future titles in mind. We will see.

What I learned while writing. 

While writing about my travels, I was able to re-live my intriguing experiences; the range of trails, the wildlife sighted, panoramic vistas, thundering waterfalls and blooming wildflowers. The difficulty of most hikes with the fantastic payoff of a job hard-earned and well done, rewarded with a strong sense of accomplishment, made me a stronger person, inner strength never before even imagined much less realized.

My appreciation is now infused with a deeper respect for our world, its inhabitants, and most importantly its Creator.

I think my encounters on trail have a deeper meaning for me since many times I was spared great bodily harm, even my life. The more stunning and dangerous confrontations with wildlife, resulting in flat-out miraculous intervention, have increased my faith and has made me a more appreciative and an observant person.

It was as I chatted with the Lord while hiking alone that I finally realized that He is training me while I was in the wilderness, (which has both literal and symbolic interpretations). Even while I was not actively seeking Him, the skill sets and physical activity held deeper importance for me; my life itself is more intended and deliberate, and with purpose. I’m living like I mean it.

The Wilderness trilogy is based upon my actual experiences on and off trail, of my life during yet another “second chance” post cancer, of pulling myself up by my boot straps and actually living my life one step at a time. During each of my devastating cancer diagnoses, I thought it would be so much easier to just let go, perhaps it was always designed that I “go out” early in life, and why not, I’m a Christian and I didn’t fear death.

Instead, I’ve learned to love and live with perseverance, commitment, focus, and discovery. I now celebrate each and every day as my birthday, lesson-learned while experiencing the wilderness.  Will my life have a happy ending, as anticipated in my youth? I look forward to finding out.


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