To Know Him Is To Love Him

Crystal Cave Marybeth Haydon

Crystal Cave by Marybeth Haydon


You know when you’re totally in love with someone and you are willing to do ANYTHING for that person? That new and fresh, exciting love that reaches above the tallest of mountains, across the deepest of oceans. When you’re dating (or engaged), how you are so happy to fulfill the slightest of needs … you need another soda? Let me get it for you! Allow me to open the door for you, it’s my pleasure. You need, you want ….  let me be the answer to those for you. So eager to please, to serve, existing simply to make that person happy! You expect to spend the rest of your days making that person happy and comfortable. And happily so! In your heart of hearts you KNOW that you would lay down your very life for that person!

THAT is what I desire for my relationship with my Lord to be like. I want to make Him happy. Proud of me in all the things I do, say and think. Why is it that I fail in this area of my relationship with God? So often I wonder what is wrong with me … have I really gotten that self-centered and jaded throughout the years?

Renew in me a right spirit O Lord. Help me to listen, to grow in You. That my actions and words will reflect You and Your intimate, faithful, never-ending love. I want to fall deeply in love with You.

Standing at the incredible vista, overlooking the valley, grasslands that stretch the horizons, I’m reminded of His power and love. He has been so merciful to me. In my books I describe the sacred moments as well as the exciting hiking moments and accomplishments. But the sacred moments I truly cherish and they stay fresh in my memory. Plus His interventions, sparing me from the bite from the rattler that I accidentally stood on. Sparing me from death as I fell off the mountain. Saving me from an unknown threat that was imminent and vicious, I’m thankful that He blinded my eyes to it. I’m SO thankful that the absolute power in the Name of Jesus that I was able to quickly utter that ceased the assault, without hesitation. I was unscathed and loved Him all the more for it.

I need to fall in love with the Lord. Deeply, completely, and immediately. I need to know You more, to learn of You in Your word, the bible. You reveal Yourself so completely, help my eyes to see, my mind to understand, my heart to beat for You.

I suspect that I’m holding onto something that is not allowing this to happen to the fullest degree. I pray that You will show me what I need to release, Lord.


Black Head Juno by Marybeth Haydon

Have you, the reader, discovered your “falling in love” with God? The God Who created the heavens and earth and all that is within them? The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Have you discovered what needed to be relinquished? Will you share what it is? I look forward to and welcome your comments, your experiences. TTYL and with love.


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