Book Review by Greg Holt (Inspirational Christians For Today): Wilderness Training the Novice

Thank you, Greg for the time you gave in reading my book and for your very generous words in your review of the first of my Wilderness Training series, Wilderness Training the Novice. I am grateful for and pleased to share the God-given talents that I have and it is my hope that the readers will be entertained while also challenged through my books. May God generously bless you and yours, Greg. Thank you!

— Marybeth Haydon

Reviewed by Greg Holt; Wilderness Training, the Novice.

Wilderness Training by Marybeth Haydon is a smooth, and enjoyable read.
In this first book in the Wilderness Training series we get a glimpse of what Marybeth’s life is like in part.
As you are reading this book, it almost feels at times as though you are on the trail with Marybeth. The details of what she sees are vivid, and colorful, and form a picture in your mind’s eye that you can enjoy while reading.
Wilderness hiking, like life is not without perils, and we get a good look at this as well. The near misses Marybeth experiences are exciting and I found myself turning pages quickly as I wanted to see just what was going to happen next!
Marybeth, having survived cancer and a serious fall off of a mountain is the picture of determination. Woven in with that determination is a wonderful image of what faith in Christ looks like.
The best part of Marybeth’s book (to me) was her obvious dedication to Jesus. As Marybeth is sharing with the reader an enjoyable adventure on the trails, she is also sharing with the reader her faith in God. One can “see” Marybeth’s faith growing right along side her trail skills. You feel challenged in way to get busy and do something about your own faith.
Even if you are not a big outdoors fan, I would recommend Marybeth’s book. You can enjoy the view on the trail through Marybeth’s eyes without having to be on the trail yourself!
Pick up this book today!

Greg Holt
Philippians 2:10-11 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.   NOTE: To purchase a pdf version, including 50+ photographs please go to: For e-books, please contact Booktango at (no photographs through Booktango, sorry!)


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