Fishing Surprise, Video

Alaskan Killer Whale Gives Fishermen a Surprise

ne-pacific-transient-killer-whale-is-seen-in-this-undated-photograph-taken-in-alaskaA group of men fishing off the coast of Alaska got a reminder that the state known as the Last Frontier really is a wild place.

After snagging a halibut on to their fishing line and starting to reel the fish in, an orca swam up from the deep and stole their catch.

Frank Sanders recorded the killer whale stealing the fish and posted this video online. It has since gone viral; as of this writing the June 8 post on has garnered more than 6,800 likes and 28,000 shares on The Alaska Life Facebook page alone.

The video opens with a shot of a fisherman holding his pole while the cameraman stands behind. As the hooked halibut is being recorded an ocra swims up from the depths and tried to get the fish.

“Leave it there! Leave it there,” one of the men says, instructing the fisherman to allow the orca to eat the catch.

As the blog Pete Thomas Outdoors reported, the wider context of the incident is unclear; it is unknown whether the shot was contrived with the halibut used as bait for the killer whale.

In any case, the video should serve as a reminder to man that nature has a way of biting back — as should the one below, which features a shark stealing a fish from an angler on a kayak off the coast of Hawaii.


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