Dog to Owner Training, 101


It has been 27+ years since I’ve been so reckless.

I’ve had the companionship of a dog or two in my young adult years but I do believe that I am learning more from this dog, Reckless, than ever before. Is it because I’m more mature or is it the Hand of God working through one of His instruments? After all, God spoke to Balaam through a donkey (Numbers 22:22-35) what is to keep Him from using an animal again for instruction? (Although I stake no claim to being a “Balaam”)

As I have been working with her, enjoying some of the previous training she had received from a previous manager (she’s a rescued dog) I am also having to gently retrain the negative “training” she has endured as well.  As my patience is tested through her confusion, my thoughts roam to my heavenly Father God, which some may find…

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