Why You Don’t Need Potassium Iodide for Radiation Poisoning


A Person Carrying A Radioactive Barrel And Wearing Protective ClothingPotassium iodide or KI is the chemical most commonly added to salt to make iodized salt.

Japan’s nuclear risk in the wake the earthquake and tsunami has some people stocking up on potassium iodide tablets and crystals because it can be used to help prevent one certain type of radiation poisoning. Potassium iodide pills have been given out to Japanese evacuation centers and certain other people in proximity to the damaged reactors, but most other people do not need KI and will not benefit from it. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) is urging peoplenot to take potassium iodide at this time. Here are some reasons why it won’t help you and could hurt you:

  • According to the AEC, if you are in Taiwan or the United States, taking KI outweighs any benefit you might gain from the compound. The level of radiation presently is too low for people to…

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