Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for invasion

arab and iran syria ww3


Kerry: “Arab Countries” Have Offered To “Bear Costs And Assist” Attack On Syria

Answering a question about regional support for American intervention in Syria from Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), Secretary of State John Kerry said that “Arab countries” have offered to pay for an American invasion of Syria, “the way we have done it previously in other places.”

SECRETARY KERRY: With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and assist, the answer is profoundly yes, they have. That offer is on the table. With respect to boots on the ground, profoundly no. There will be no boots on the ground. The president has said that again and again. And there is nothing in this authorization that should contemplate it. And we reiterate, no boots on the ground.

REP. ROS-LEHTINEN: Thank you, Mr. Secretary. And, the details of the offer and the proposal on the table, what are the figures…

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