It’s a Chaotic World With a Seemingly Dismal Future. Does Your Hope Need Reviving?


palehorse death revelation

Revive hope.  Do you need your hope revived?

There is so much going on globally, it can get overwhelming, to say the very least.  Especially if you follow the alternative news in conjunction with mainstream news. Man!

The economy is going down the tubes, bankers are being murdered and tortured, terrorists swarm and invade every single nation, the Middle East is a  ticking time bomb, Illuminati satanists are getting bolder and are increasing exponentially, lethally-manufactured and severe weather, escalating terror threats, planets and stars freaking out in space, drought in one hand with poisoned water in the other, volcanoes blowing their tops, earthquakes rattling our nerves, road rage, out of control murdering police, … I won’t even touch on tyrannical reign and all of the abounding political garbage because …


If there was ever a time to be spiritually discerning, by the grace of God…

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