Pulling Up Our Courage and Soldiering Up


front line warrior

Pulling Up Our Courage and Soldiering Up

For those of us who have been watching the events pulling together towards the big picture, it’s a bit daunting and dizzying to see Biblical prophecy unfold at an intentional speed of warp five. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 are being brought to the forefront. Right now. And all of the puzzle pieces are coming together and God is not taken by surprise (the only emotion I think He has never experienced) nor is He mocked. He is prepared and ready for action.

Which brings us, His people, and our role in these events onto the front lines.

Have you ever watched a war movie where the foot soldiers are on the front line of defense with all the other brave soldiers backing them up? Ever wonder just how scary it is to be the front line soldiers because you know they are…

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