ALARMING REALITY! “Demons” Made Mom Drive Kids Into Ocean? (Video)


“Demons” Made Mom Drive Kids Into Ocean?

March 06 2014

A pregnant mother of three in Daytona Beach Florida tried driving her family into the ocean to flee “demons”. Yet ANOTHER story of people tormented by the paranormal beings. This isn’t just a coincidence, this is WAR! Armor up!

Folks, the end time demons are all stirred up. There is more than just the physical wars that most are at least intellectually familiar with. The spiritual wars are VERY REAL, more “real” than the “reality” that we know. It is so abundantly CLEAR! If you are not protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you are NOT under God’s protective “umbrella” and ARE subject to the torments of these “aliens”/unclean spirits/DEMONS that are rising up during this spiritually tumultuous time! The problem with this poor mother was that she did not know Jesus and had no protection…

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