Are You Heavenly Aligned? The Truth About Noah the Movie! (Video)


noah official poster

Are You Heavenly Aligned?

March 27 2014

“Come in, I will give you shelter from the storm.” He congenially said to me.

I had another dream. It included three black sheep, a new wine (which was absolutely, positively spectacular in taste! How I was able to “taste” in my dream I don’t know, but I remember it quite vividly as being entirely out of this world good!),  a gasoline shortage and an odd-looking icon falling down. I was offered shelter as the weather was truly severe and dangerous and I was grateful to run on in to the warm and welcoming shelter. It was peaceful, a stark polar opposite to the chaos outside.

I understand the three black sheep as the false trinity that will be surfacing really soon, (the wolves are upon us) the new wine as that which Jesus Christ gives His believers in God the Holy Spirit…

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