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Bear Mauls California Woman Walking Her Dogs

grey bear is roaring maul growlBear Mauls California Woman Walking Her Dogs Before She Escaped and Drove Herself to Fire Station

A bear mauled a woman who was walking her dogs Tuesday in rural Kern County before she escaped and drove herself to a nearby fire station, said authorities.They were still searching for the animal on Wednesday.

The woman suffered severe lacerations to her face and head and was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, said county fire spokesman Sean Collins. Her condition was not known.

“For her to be attacked in that manner and drive to a fire station, she must have been running on pure adrenaline,” Collins said.

The woman, whose name was not immediately released, was taking her dogs on a morning walk when the bear attacked them near the tiny rural community of Caliente, about five miles away from an area that burned in a recent wildfire, said Collins. Her dogs also escaped the attack, but one suffered minor injuries, he said.

The woman drove herself three miles to the Piute fire station, where she was airlifted, Collins said.

Wildlife trackers and game wardens searched the remote area to capture the bear but had not found it by Tuesday night, said Harry Morse, spokesman for the state Department of Fish and Game.

He said the thousands of wildfires burning across the state have displaced wildlife, but was not sure whether the nearby fire contributed to the attack. Dogs sometimes provoke bear attacks by inadvertently getting between a mother bear and her cubs, Morse said.

Fish and Game officials said they will interview the woman to better understand the circumstances of the attack.

Get right with God, these are critical life and death times & circumstances that we are in. What does tomorrow hold for any one of us? Car accident? Sudden heart attack? A coworker gone postal?

For YOUR eternal salvation, this benefits me nothing but benefits you beyond mortal description. Pray this in faith, I can’t pray if for you:

Jesus, I am a sinner and I come to You as my Savior. I repent of my sins and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died to cleanse me of my sins, please cleanse me now. You died and rose again, be my personal Savior Who lives forever.

Bear Mauling Rescue


Hunter rescued after northern Alaska bear mauling

brown bear alaska animalRevive Editors Note: We are sincerely sorry to have to post a photo of a downed brown bear, but we wanted to demonstrate the size and power of these massive bears.The mauled hunter is blessed to be alive.

ANAKTUVUK PASS, Alaska (AP) — Crews equipped with night-vision goggles and flares staged a middle-of-the-night rescue to reach a hunter more than 36 hours after he was mauled by a brown bear in northern Alaska’s remote Brooks Range, the Alaska Air National Guard said.

The man was part of a group on a guided hunting trip about 30 miles north of Anaktuvuk Pass, a tiny Nunamiut Eskimo village in the Gates of the Arctic National Park. Initial rescue efforts by local search teams and by the Alaska State Troopers were turned back because of dense fog.

The 11th Air Force Rescue Coordination Center learned…

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Letting Go While Holding On

This Christmas, I reflect upon a most memorable hike, a true turning & learning point in my life:

As I stepped to the side to avoid a slick-looking rock, planting my boot onto the outer edge of the trail, the ground suddenly broke beneath the weight of my step, plunging me over the side of the mountain. The painful slide began head first, I fully see the terrifying cliff-edge of the mountain approaching at warp speed.  I want to scream but don’t have time, nor can spare the energy. Somehow one of my trekking poles hit a jutting rock, swinging me a full 180 and onto my back. I dig my feet into the pebbled mountainside as deep as possible, but my brakes are failing me. I can see the swift-approaching edge of the mountain. Beyond that is a minimum 4,000 foot drop. A terminal drop.

Over the edge

Over the Edge by Marybeth Haydon

Suddenly I’m stopped, just a foot from tumbling over the side to certain and painful death. Time is suspended, frantic thoughts crowd my mind. All the kings horses and all the kings men … I’ll never be put back together again.  Another out-of-place thought breaks through all of the others: ‘Let it end. Lift your foot. You only need to lift ONE and it’s over. Just. Let. Go.’


Crazy, I entertain the thought. I had already gone through a bilateral mastectomy, the healing and having to learn new muscle groups, physical therapy and all of the pain associated with all of that. Then “something of concern” in my lung, near the esophagus. I do NOT want to go out as a chronic lung-er.  I just cannot handle this and I am momentarily tempted. My legs are shaking from the brut-force exertion.

Do I hold on? CAN I hold on?

Just then a voice calls out to me: “Hold on! We’re coming!” and I’m rescued by men who ‘just happened’ to have their rock climbing equipment with them.  (Since, I’ve been very careful to step to the inside of the trail, avoiding that outer edge whenever possible. When not possible, my trekking poles are in strategic, stable positions. Another lesson painfully learned.)

Have you ever been tempted to simply let go? To one extent or another, for a multitude of reasons. So frustrated, to just let it all end already, stop even trying? I’m so done! This is just too hard! Or to let go of a toxic relationship, or bad habits, whatever. What little voice is tempting you? What life habits are making us turn to our safety net, our comfort zones that may not necessarily fully line-up with living the Christian life?

Even as fleeting as that thought was, a mili-second of temptation, if I had let go while hanging perilously on the side of that mountain, how many loved ones would I have hurt, maybe even ruined their future lives? My children are without question precious to me. Or what experiences and relationships would I have missed out on? There are just too many “what ifs”; I choose not to camp there.

I will not allow cancer to hijack my life! It is so very necessary, so indispensable  to be fully aware of, and to be able to discern, the lies of the enemy of our soul. Make no mistake; satan is fully aware of his job description and you need to know that he is good at it.  Hold on to your Guard; the infilling of the Holy Spirit.cropped-indian_peaks1.jpg

But there is another kind of “letting go”. A good one.  And a letting go that I am continually learning and developing into deeper dimensions, to fuller capacity.  That is letting go and letting God while holding onto Him and His promises.

As I hike the wilderness, I’m developing a rich, meaningful relationship with the Creator of the very wilderness I am among.  I have such a love for the forests, for its inhabitants large and small. And I have a deep commitment to letting go: to allow my Lord to mold me, to correct me, to direct me, to discipline me, to comfort me. And surprisingly enough, I needed to let go in order to receive His healing touch on my body.  And mercifully, He did. Flat out miracle, xray and other medical-tests-proven. He is so merciful. He knows our limits and will not tempt us beyond them. 1 Corinthians 10:13 But we need to let go of the temptation, let go of our earthly desires (eg: one of mine is getting a home in the woods*), and allow Him to do His God thing, give Him the freedom because He has given us freedom to choose. I choose to hold on to His mercy and grace. His forgiveness that cleanses my soul as white as snow.


Bighorn Sheep by Marybeth Haydon

Meanwhile, I hike the woods, the desert, and along/above the pacific coast because, for me, there is where I feel freer to let go. I continually let go of all sickness and will not have it. Health is my mantra. I strive to continually let go of my selfish desires and wants so that I will be free to hear His Voice. He gives the (good) desires of my heart. Free to let go in my worship. I will never let go of my life, I recognize that brief temptation for what it was and I shake off that temporary insanity.

As an American, I have many freedoms and I sincerely thank each and every service person who has ensured that we maintain these freedoms.  I choose to hike and chat with the Lord, free to let go or not.

Have a blessed Christmas & New Year my friends. I hope that if you haven’t already, learn to explore our wonderful parks and preserves, making your new year extra special indeed.

* Not all earthly desires are bad ones. I choose to let go of my desire for my “perfect house” in order to give room for Him to do His God thing. I’m confident He has the perfect place that will not meet, but exceed any expectations I may have.