Have You Been Spielberged and Lucased and Shyamalaned? (Video) IMPORTANT!


When you look up in expectation what do you see? Have you been Spielberged and Lucased and Shyamalaned or do you see hope and a swelling of faith as you look into the heavens?

Sept 01 2014

Is the holy spotlight blazing its light on you as it is on me? Has God singled you out too?  Is there a faint gnawing at the back of your mind, “Did I forget something?” or “I know I’m supposed to remember something, or do something but I can’t put my finger on it.”  Deep down you know He is calling you but life is so demanding … so little time with so much to accomplish.

I believe we are running out of time because all of the signs and symptoms are here. There is no denying it any longer. I believe and yet there is that faint “but what if”.  Do you find…

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