Headlines Are Matching Bible Prophecy. NOW What to Do? Am I Prepared or Have I Missed an ESSENTIAL Element? (Video)


Have you been noticing the recent, as-in this year’s, headlines?  And how they are matching Bible prophecy? Are you prepared for what your personal future holds?


When I was a new Christian, I was advised by well-meaning fellow Christians to expect an attack from the enemy of my soul whenever I reached a new milestone or victory in my Christian walk. So what did I do? I waited for it, because I was expecting it!

Ok, sometimes I need things spelled out for me. ABC, 123 style. It never occurred to me to prepare, I only waited. And when “it” happened, I trudged through it rebuking as I went, seeking yet another victory only this time victory over the attack. Yet, I could have avoided the attack by preparing! See the mess, the vicious cycle that I was in?

Is our future uncertain? I do not think so…

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